Profile: Iowa Governor’s Race

Race Snapshot

Incumbent: Terry Branstad (R)
Primary Election Date: June, 3rd, 2014
Declared Candidates: Tyler Olson (D)
Likely Candidates:Jack Hatch (D), Bob Krause (D)

Current Party Registration:

  • No Party: 706,195
  • Democrats: 617,375
  • Republicans: 617,141

The Democrats

Jack Hatch

Hatch is a developer who has represented Des Moines in the Iowa Senate since 2002. Hatch previously served in the Iowa House of Representatives from 1985 – 1993 and from 2000 – 2002.

Twitter: @Senator_Hatch

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Tyler Olson

Tyler Olson is a sixth generation Iowan and small business owner who is currently serving his fourth term in the Iowa House. Olson is also a past chair of the Iowa Democratic Party.

Twitter: @tylerolson

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Bob Krause

Bob Krause is a retired lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve and past president of the Reserve Officer Association. Krause is an outspoken veterans activist and past chair of the Iowa Democratic Party’s Veteran’s Caucus.

Facebook: Krause for Iowa’s Future
Twitter: @krauseforiowa

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The Republicans

Terry Branstad (Incumbent)

Terry Branstad is the incumbent governor of Iowa, currently serving his fifth term. Although not officially announced, Branstad is widely expected to seek a sixth term in office.

Twitter: @iowasteam

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