Former Iowa Republican Congressman accuses Obama of “racial warfare” and illegal campaign contributions

Former Iowa Republican Congressman Jim Ross Lightfoot didn’t mince words in a Facebook post heavily critical of the Obama administration Tuesday.

Lightfoot, who represented Iowa in Congress from 1985 – 1997, wrote, “in a couple of years as this country will be in such a shape we will be struggling for just the basics like food, shelter and a meager living. That’s how it is under a Marxist government.” The former congressman also writes, “Obama is also a master at racial warfare. Because of what I will call ‘white guilt’ he has been allowed to get away with more than anyone that’s ever been elected to a public office.”

Lightfoot also believes the president’s campaign funneled illegal overseas contributions, writing, “I do believe it was Mr. Obama and his fellow Democrats who took millions and millions of dollars illegally from contributors overseas. They used a portion of the election law that allows for small contributors to not have to report who they are or where they live.”

He closed, by asking his Facebook followers to, “pray hard and do everything we can to remove these people that are destroying our beautiful country.

Republican congressional hopeful Rod Blum, who is currently seeking his party’s nomination in the 1st Congressional District, shared Lightfoot’s post on his campaign’s Facebook page, calling it a “great piece by a great friend.”


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