Steve King discusses benefits of climate change

Republican U.S. Rep. Steve King is at it again, this time ridiculing worries about climate change and declaring he’s been cold much of his life and “it felt pretty good to get warmed up.”

King addressed the issue during an event Wednesday in Carroll, ridiculing worries about global warming issued by many scientists and environmental experts.

“There’s bad and there’s good and we need to look at the bad and the good and be objective about it,” King said. “We’d probably raise a little more corn.”[quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]’I spent a lot of my life cold, it felt pretty good to get warmed up,’ said King.[/quote]

King argued that global warming would likely increase rainfall, an argument shared by few climate experts.

“I know that the temperature of this earth,  if it went up there’d be more evaporation of the 70 percent of the earth that’s covered by water and so I know by Newton’s first law of physics, if it evaporates up, what goes up must come down, has got to come down in the form of rain, so if the earth is warm, it’ll rain more and more places.”

Adding to the irony of King’s comments, much of the state is mired in a deep drought that’s likely to cut into corn production. King saw only positive things from global warming.

“There’d be better corn crops in places we’re not raising today,” said King. “That might not be the greatest thing for our markets, but you see there’s nothing on the other side of the ledger.”

King made a personal note.

“I spent a lot of my life cold, it felt pretty good to get warmed up,” said King.

King has become increasingly outspoken as a leader of the conservative movement, but coming from a heavily Republican western Iowa district, he has faced no overt political opposition, and is clearly comfortable in his role as a spokesman for national conservative causes and has become a vocal leader of that political movement.

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Mike Glover

Mike Glover is a former reporter for the Associated Press and has spent decades covering every aspect of politics in Iowa. Mike brings his skills and connections to with the latest breaking news and commentary on Iowa politics.